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Pushing You Away (Noah & Katie - Kennedy Fox


Pushing You Away (Noah & Katie - Kennedy Fox

Pushing You Away (Noah & Katie - Kennedy Fox
epub | 517.59 KB | English | Isbn:B0879CVDZ9 |
Author: Kennedy Fox | PAge: 225 | Year: 2021


I've been in love with my best friend Katie Walker for as long as I can remember. We may have shared our deepest, darkest secrets but that one I've kept to myself. Before I got the courage to confess my true feelings, my cousin Gabe moved to town and swept Katie off her feet. 

I should've admitted how I felt but I couldn't-especially once they got married.

When I caught Gabe cheating on his pregnant wife, I snapped. A deadly fight erupted and before I could comprehend what happened, I was charged with his murder and sent to prison.

The day I'm released, I go straight to Katie's house. But after pushing her away for a decade while I was behind bars-she slams the door in my face-wanting nothing to do with me. 

While she's determined to pretend I don't exist, this time I'm not going anywhere. 

PUSHING YOU AWAY is a slow burn, angsty friends to lovers romance with lots of small-town, Southern drama. It's book 1 in the Noah & Katie duet and must be read in order.

Category:Inspirational Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense