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City of Love by Gracie Ruth Mitchell


City of Love by Gracie Ruth Mitchell

City of Love by Gracie Ruth Mitchell
epub | 273.67 KB | English | Isbn:B08WLC5ZTV | Author: Gracie Ruth Mitchell | PAge: 218 | Year: 2021


I don't have a diary; I have a pen pal-a Parisian girl named Noel who knows my deepest, darkest secrets. And now that I've finally graduated, it's time to go meet her. Paris, here I come!
Except.something isn't quite right in the City of Love. Because my first thought when I see Noel?
That's not a girl.
Nope, apparently Noel is a guy.
That's right: a guy. An attractive guy, with tattoos and green eyes that seem to see right through me.
Who is this, and what on earth is going on?

I know how it sounds, but I'm not a creep. I just thought Lydia knew I was a guy. By the time I realized she didn't, she'd already started opening up about school and bullies and whatnot. She needed a friend. So, yes-I let her think I was a girl. And frankly, I would do it again. I can't make myself regret being there for her.
But now Lydia is here in Paris, and I'm realizing that my feelings for her might be more than just friendly. I'll have to do everything in my power not to fall for her completely, because she deserves way better than me.
Too bad that's easier said than done...

PLEASE NOTE: This book deals with themes like bullying and (non-graphic) harassment--NOT between the love interests.

Category:Clean & Wholesome Romance, Inspirational Romance, Teen & Young Adult eBooks