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Chosen by Melanie Purser


Chosen by Melanie Purser

Chosen by Melanie Purser
epub | 345.55 KB | English | Isbn:B084H9RPRB | Author: Melanie Purser | PAge: 336 | Year: 2020


Ari Wilder, the daughter of the Alaska packs Alpha, knew that someday she would have to marry an Alpha of her father's choosing. She never would have imagined she'd be promised to Darien Shield, a ruthless Alpha who killed his own father along with many other wolves who have stood in his way.

Knowing her fate, she's trained for most of the 22 years of her life in the hopes of escaping the man she'll be forced to mate.

Now that the fateful day is here, she realizes that if she doesn't marry Darien, her father's pack will be vulnerable to an attack from Canada's pack.

Will she run as planned, or will she go to Priest River, Idaho to become the mate of a powerful wolf? With Canada making a move, she may not have a choice at all.

CHOSEN is the beginning of a romantic, action packed fantasy series. If you crave strong, witty characters, suspenseful action and adventure, and romance, you'll love Melanie Purser's paranormal fantasy series.

Category:Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks