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Simple Firewall

Simple Firewall
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Simple Firewall is a Windows firewall management software, it can manage internet access for all apps on the PC.

If your computer is connected to the Internet, then it is important to take the necessary steps to protect it from various online risks using a firewall. From monitoring traffic to identify anything that may harm your system to blocking trojans and stopping keyloggers, having a firewall is a surefire way to secure your PC.

As the name suggests, Simple Firewall is a lightweight tool designed to provide extra protection to your system, but without you having to spend too much and energy with configuration.

Comes with four modes that suit most common needs

The tool comes with a user-friendly and straightforward interface that makes it suitable for users with less technical knowledge as well. The GUI is as simple as it gets and consists of a single window that includes all options.

In the upper section of the GUI, you can select one of the four modes available. The default mode entails that you allow access to the Internet for all the applications and you can add the exceptions in the list below. The white list mode is the exact opposite, meaning you block all Internet access except for the apps included in the list. The tool can be disabled at any using the Disable Firewall mode, whereas the Block Internet connection simply cuts off the connection.

A simple tool that provides an extra layer of protection from online risks

It goes without saying that the program cannot be used at the same with other firewalls as it may lead to various conflicts and hence, neither of them would work properly. At the same , if your antivirus solution includes firewall settings, it is recommended that you disable it.

In the eventuality that you wanted to add a firewall to your system, but were put off by the fact that they need some know-how to be properly configured, you should consider giving Simple Firewall a try.

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