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Illustrator CC: introduction - creating simple icons

Illustrator CC: introduction - creating simple icons
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Easy to follow, clear instructions on navigating the interface, shortcuts, working with layers, groups, and objects.

What you'll learn:
Creating Illustrations.
Creating icons or logos (using basic shapes).
Very helpful shortcuts for navigating Illustrator's interface and tools.
Organizing objects in layers and groups.
Introduction to creating Vector Graphics.

No matter if you are a bner or a designer wanting to add illustrator to your skillset, this course will help take your work to the next level.

This course offers easy to follow, step by step instructions and tutorials, that are organized as the following:
- First look at the interface.
- Creating objects.
- Selections.
- Introduction to Anchor Points.
- Adjusting the staking order of objects
- Organizing objects in layers.
- Working with Groups.
- Isolation mode.
- Introduction to levels of applying changes.
- Adding and subtracting objects from each other using the Pathfinder Palette.
- Creating two simple icons.
- Course's Summary.
- Moving forward and how to learn more.

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