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Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda


Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda

Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda | 745.96 KB
English | 230 Pages

Title: Boost Your Immune Power with Ayurveda
Author: Janesh Vaidya
Year: 2021

Ayurveda has been used to restore energy and resist disease for thousands of years. This book helps you bring the five elements back into a state of balance to optimize your natural immune power. Traditional Ayurveda practitioner Janesh Vaidya presents this powerful health science of the East in a way that is easy to understand and practice for all. You will discover how to use Ayurveda and its branches of food, lifestyle, yoga, and mind development to strengthen your immune system. This book also includes two simple quizzes so you can identify your core nature and imbalances and follow the exact food and lifestyle recommendations that will work for you.
Janesh provides a five-stage health program as well as food guidelines, lists, timetables, and tips for shopping and cooking. This hands-on guide also includes short yoga programs that help balance dominating energies, two meditation practices to help strengthen your mental immune power, and tips for sleep therapy. Boost...