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QT TabBar 1041

QT TabBar 1041
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Windows Explorer does a lot of great things, allowing you to access your favorite files and directories quickly.

Although it provides a lot of great features, it has a minor drawback, as you cannot tab your directories and folders, in order to switch between them.QT TabBar is an intuitive program that comes with an elegant solution to this problem, by allowing you to create tabs when browsing directories with Windows Explorer, eliminating the need to open a new window for every folder opened. The application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to run smoothly.
A powerful Windows Explorer enhancer that provides folder tabbing

The application can help you overcome the disadvantages of Windows Explorer when it comes to directory browsing, by allowing you to open a tab for each folder in a single window. This way, you can easily switch between them, and perform various operations, such as copying files or comparing them.

Furthermore, the application can help you open recently closed directories, thus saving you the needed to access a folder again, especially if it is a deep subdirectory.

Handy and innovative Explorer enhancement that offers directory tabs

With the help of QT TabBar, you will be able to quickly navigate between your favorite folders, all from a single window and multiple tabs. Additionally, you can customize the way your tabs are displayed, so that you can differentiate the active tab from the others.

Aside from this, the application displays the preview of a folder's content, so that you can see what is inside without actually having to open it. This can come in handy when you are searching for a specific file in multiple directories, as you can scan the content of each folder without opening it.

A dependable and reliable Explorer optimization tool

As a conclusion, QT TabBar offers you the possibility to create tabs for each opened folder, thus greatly optimizing file access and directory management.








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