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What is a Defibrillator A Cardiologist's Guide for Patients and Care Providers
What is a Defibrillator?: A Cardiologist's Guide for Patients and Care Providers by Dr. Jeffrey L. Williams
English | July 30, 2015 | ISBN: 1514725703 | 216 pages | EPUB | 4.40 Mb
A defibrillator implant is a small device surgically implanted in the chest to maintain the heart's electric rhythm. The surgery is very common: over 130,000 Americans receive a defibrillator implant every year. If you or a loved one requires a defibrillator implant, you'll undoubtedly have many questions-questions that can't always be adequately explained in a forty-five minute doctor's appointment. Clinical cardiac electrophysiology specialist Jeffrey L. Williams, MD, MS, FACC, FHRS, provides a complete, easy-to-understand guide to defibrillator implantation. The author of What Is a Pacemaker?, Dr. Williams begins with an explanation of how defibrillators work and the conditions they treat. Williams then discusses how doctors determine whether patients are good candidates for defibrillators and provides an overview of the implantation process. Potential complications both before and after defibrillator implantation are discussed, as is surgical recovery and follow-up treatment. For readers having difficulty with medical terminology, Dr. Williams offers a helpful glossary at the back of the book. Patients, caregivers, and family members alike will benefit from Dr. Williams's straightforward explanations. If you're a candidate for defibrillator implantation, this book can help you approach surgery with a full understanding of the procedure and what it means to your quality of life.


The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design
The Essential Guide to CSS and HTML Web Design by Craig Grannell
English | 2008 | ISBN: 1590599071 | 552 Pages | PDF | 11.9 MB
There are a lot of books out there covering CSS and HTML, but this one stands out from the crowd by combining all the best aspects of reference and tutorial books ― it teaches everything you need to know to design great web sites, and moves at a fast pace, eschewing unnecessary theory and obscure details.


The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving
Brianna H Marshall, "The Complete Guide to Personal Digital Archiving"
English | 2017 | ISBN:1783302666 | 304 pages | EPUB | 1.9 MB
Scholars and scrapbookers alike need your help with saving their most important digital content. But how do you translate your professional knowledge as a librarian or archivist into practical skills that novices can apply to their own projects? The Complete Guide to Personal Archiving will show you the way, helping you break down archival concepts and best practices into teachable solutions for your patrons' projects. Whether it's a researcher needing to cull their most important email correspondence, or an empty-nester transferring home movies and photographs to more easily shared and mixed digital formats, this book will show you how to offer assistance, providing


The Book of Wizardry The Apprentice's Guide to the Secrets of the Wizards' Guild
The Book of Wizardry: The Apprentice's Guide to the Secrets of the Wizards' Guild By Cornelius Rumstuckle
2008 | 343 Pages | ISBN: 0738701653 | PDF | 23 MB



Simple Survival The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Dangerous Situations and Emergency Survival
Simple Survival: The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Dangerous Situations and Emergency Survival by J. W. Meyer
English | March 13, 2019 | ISBN: 1732941505 | 296 pages | EPUB | 2.61 Mb
Are you concerned about safety and security in the turbulence of our uncertain world? Are you interested in being prepared for potential dangers? Are you looking for a way to courageously face emergency survival situations? This survival guide will teach you the valuable knowledge and critical skills that will allow you to confront these complications when they arise. Simple Survival will give you instruction on prepping for natural disasters, typical emergencies, catastrophic events, and common injuries. The step by step layout of this book will provide simple guidance and procedures that can be used by people of all backgrounds and skill levels, young and old alike. The world that we live in is unpredictable and full of hazards that can develop in a moment's notice. Destructive weather, shocking accidents and violent terrorist acts are part of our reality. The media shows that these things are happening every day. Don't be the one who says it won't happen to me. It's a trap for the weak! Preserving the safety and security of yourself and that of your family is a personal responsibility, and Simple Survival will equip you with the power to do so. Since childhood I have studied and implemented wilderness survival techniques into my life. Throughout my adult life, I have been involved with a group of close friends who have taken any survival information that we could find and tested it through trial and error. Practicing survival skills has guided me through more problematic circumstances than I can count. As a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger, I fought in multiple combat deployments where I learned a great deal more about this topic. With Simple Survival, I have compiled information that focuses on the vital and most practical skills that you will need. I take a close look at the common dangers that effect millions every year and show you how to overcome them. In Simple Survival you will learn: -How to react to danger with smooth confidence. -How to equip yourself with the items that will keep you out of trouble. -How to implement crucial wilderness survival techniques. -How to find your direction and navigate in unfamiliar terrain. -How to handle medical situations and provide proper First Aid treatment.And that is just the beginning! Following the advice in this guide will build up your strengths in all these areas and many more. You will get immediate results right from the first chapter and continue to improve with each one that follows. What is stopping you from taking control of the potential risks that face all of us? This is where you will learn to separate yourself from the masses when disaster strikes.


MOTIVATION A Black Girl's Guide To Self-Love. The Key to Unlocking Your Greatness
MOTIVATION: A Black Girl's Guide To Self-Love. The Key to Unlocking Your Greatness by KARL WHITE
English | June 3, 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B096LPQCHQ | 148 pages | EPUB | 0.19 Mb
How do I love myself and be happy?


Hacking with Kali Linux A Beginner's Guide to Study Penetration Testing to Shield Your Household
Hacking with Kali Linux: A Beginner's Guide to Study Penetration Testing to Shield Your Household by Chris Joe
English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0957MXDNQ | 121 pages | EPUB | 0.20 Mb
Hacking with Kali Linux


Answering Your Call A Guide for Living Your Deepest Purpose
John P Schuster, "Answering Your Call: A Guide for Living Your Deepest Purpose"
English | ISBN: 1576752054 | 2003 | 152 pages | PDF | 889 KB
This spiritual how-to book helps readers discern what they are called to do, find the courage to respond to that call, and stay on course to make that vision a reality.


Pocket Guide Geology in the Field
Pocket Guide Geology in the Field
English | 2021 | ISBN: 3662630818 | 222 Pages | PDF EPUB | 77 MB
This book is a field guide that describes and explains the commonest minerals and rocks as well as introducing the most important fossil groups. In addition, a variety of geological structures are described and illustrated in the numerous diagrams and photographs. The guide is your perfect companion for hikes or walks in the countryside, inviting you to discover the geology hidden behind the landscapes surrounding us, as well as helping you to recognise the various minerals, rocks and fossils, you might encounter.


The Red Pill Book A Practical Guide to Living your Best Life [Audiobook]
English | ISBN: 9781662194023 | 2021 | 6 hours and 01 minutes |MP3|M4B | 165 MB
If you wake up happily content, with love in your heart and grateful for the life you've been gifted, then you're already as rich as it gets. However, for many of us today, despite our best efforts, we yearn for an inner peace and positivity that can sometimes be elusive. But, humans are meant to dream and imagine! We're meant to strive for a better life. And there is only one way to achieve it: take action! The Red Pill Book will guide you towards the life you are meant to have.
You will learn how to harness the immense power of your subconscious mind through increasing your self-awareness, practicing self-care, meditating, and preparing a personal plan for living a life of love and gratitude. Learning to harness the law of attraction is life-changing. But empowering your mind requires dedication and practice. The effort is worth it as you experience the changes it will bring to your life, beliefs, and values. Living your best life is in your hands. With The Red Pill Book as your companion, you can free your true potential for happiness and abundance to reach whatever it is that defines your hopes, dreams, and aspirations in life