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Management Speaker's Handbook
Management Speaker's Handbook By Patrick Forsyth
2002 | 225 Pages | ISBN: 1857038134 | PDF | 2 MB
It can take three weeks to prepare an impromptu speech, as Mark Twain once observed. But today's managers are often called on to give talks and speeches. Not only do you need to be good at it but speed is also essential. This book is designed to help, whether you are having to speak for the first time or if you already have both experience and competence. It presents concise and practical advise on content and technique, then goes on to provide specific guidance in the form of blueprints for over 25 individual speaking situations. Checklists, sample content, advice and useful quotations should increase your effectiveness in any speaking task: launching something new, giving out awards, announcing change, giving out news, celebrating anniversaries, announcing results, dealing with the media, calling for action, saying goodbye to colleague, and lots, lots more.


The Six Sigma Handbook The Complete Guide for Greenbelts, Blackbelts, and Managers at All Levels,...
The Six Sigma Handbook: The Complete Guide for Greenbelts, Blackbelts, and Managers at All Levels, Revised and Expanded Edition By Thomas Pyzdek
2003 | 850 Pages | ISBN: 0071410155 | PDF | 13 MB
Loved this book. Helpful and detailed. No question unanswered. Perfect for those who want to just understand six sigma and implement it right away.


The Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason
Ruth Chang, "The Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason "
English | ISBN: 1138195928 | 2020 | 590 pages | PDF | 4 MB
Over the last several decades, questions about practical reason have come to occupy the center stage in ethics and metaethics. The Routledge Handbook of Practical Reason is an outstanding reference source to this exciting and distinctive subject area and is the first volume of its kind. Comprising thirty-six chapters by an international team of contributors, the Handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field and is divided into five parts:


The Routledge Handbook of Integrated Reporting
Charl de Villiers, "The Routledge Handbook of Integrated Reporting"
English | ISBN: 0367233851 | 2020 | 486 pages | PDF | 16 MB
This timely handbook provides a current and comprehensive examination of integrated reporting, both practical and research-based. It offers insights and different perspectives from more than 60 authors, including representatives of the International Integrated Reporting Council, Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa, professional bodies and audit firms, as well as leading academics in the fields of integrated reporting, sustainability reporting and corporate social responsibility.


The Disaster Recovery Handbook A Step-by-Step Plan to Ensure Business Continuity and Protect Vita...
The Disaster Recovery Handbook: A Step-by-Step Plan to Ensure Business Continuity and Protect Vital Operations, Facilities, and Assets By Michael Wallace, Lawrence Webber
2004 | 417 Pages | ISBN: 0814472400 | PDF | 3 MB
Book did not have the outside cover and had marker stains all over. Not the way it was described when I purchased it.


Handbook of Anesthesiology, 2004-2005 Edition
Handbook of Anesthesiology, 2004-2005 Edition By Mark Ezekiel
2003 | 180 Pages | ISBN: 192962249X | PDF | 2 MB
I purchased on of these awhile back. And, I see them available at medical bookstores for about $18. IT IS IN NO WAY WORTH $100 or whatever ridiculous price they are trying to put on when it retails at $16.95. It is a small paperback handbook. Don't get hosed!


Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, 2nd Edition
Sunggyu Lee, James G. Speight, Sudarshan K. Loyalka, "Handbook of Alternative Fuel Technologies, 2nd Edition"
English | 2014 | ISBN: 1138374857, 146659456X | 712 pages | True PDF | 18.9 MB
While strides are being made in the research and development of environmentally acceptable and more sustainable alternative fuels―including efforts to reduce emissions of air pollutants associated with combustion processes from electric power generation and vehicular transportation―fossil fuel resources are limited and may soon be on the verge of depletion in the near future.


Springer Handbook of Surface Science
Mario Rocca, "Springer Handbook of Surface Science"
English | 2021 | ISBN: 3030469042 | 1273 Pages | EPUB | 293 MB
This handbook delivers an up-to-date, comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the broad field of surface science, encompassing a range of important materials such metals, semiconductors, insulators, ultrathin films and supported nanoobjects.


Handbook of Sustainable Development and Leisure Services
Handbook of Sustainable Development and Leisure Services by Adrian Lubowiecki-Vikuk
English | PDF | 2021 | 329 Pages | ISBN : 3030598195 | 6.1 MB
This book reviews empirical and theoretical research on sustainable development in the context of leisure management for communities. Although leading research centers are pursuing interdisciplinary research on leisure in the context of sustainable development, there are still few papers that holistically address the current challenges in this area. In addition, demographic changes have made the promotion of a healthy lifestyle essential. Doing so requires responsible behavior on the part of various stakeholders in this market.


Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories
Handbook of Regional Growth and Development Theories By Roberta Capello, Peter Nijkamp
2009 | 542 Pages | ISBN: 1847205062 | PDF | 8 MB
Regional economics - an established discipline for several decades - has gone through a rapid pace of change in the past decade and several new perspectives have emerged. At the same time the methodology has shown surprising development. This volume brings together contributions looking at new pathways in regional economics, written by many well-known international scholars. The most advanced theories, measurement methods and policy issues in regional growth are given in-depth treatment. The focus here is to collect cutting-edge theories explaining regional growth and local development. The authors highlight the recent advances in theories, the normative potentialities of these theories and the cross-fertilization of ideas among regional economists and mainstream economists. Theories of regional growth and development need to be able to interpret, more than ever, the way in which regions achieve a role in the international division of labour and, more importantly, the way in which regions can maintain this role over time. Topics covered include: regional growth and development policies and measurement methods; development theories of innovation, knowledge and space, and regional production factors; and growth theories and space. This book will be a source of reference and information for both scholars and students in the area of regional economics.


The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare
The SAGE Handbook of Healthcare by Decision Resources Inc
English | 2008-06-05 | ISBN: 1847870481 | 752 pages | PDF | 6,8 MB
With escalating healthcare costs, changes to the regulatory control on pharmaceutical industries and the inevitable adjustments made in policies and investment in healthcare there is enormous interest in the commercial as well as the scientific aspects of today's healthcare industry.


The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism
Joanne Parker, "The Oxford Handbook of Victorian Medievalism "
English | ISBN: 0199669503 | 2020 | 720 pages | EPUB | 10 MB
In 1859, the historian Lord John Acton asserted: 'two great principles divide the world, and contend for the mastery, antiquity and the middle ages'. The influence on Victorian culture of the 'Middle Ages' (broadly understood then as the centuries between the Roman Empire and the Renaissance) was both pervasive and multi-faceted. This 'medievalism' led, for instance, to the rituals and ornament of the Medieval Catholic church being reintroduced to Anglicanism. It led to the Saxon Witan being celebrated as a prototypical representative parliament. It resulted in Viking raiders being acclaimed as the forefathers of the British navy. And it encouraged innumerable nineteenth-century men to cultivate the superlative beards we now think of as typically 'Victorian'-in an attempt to emulate their Anglo-Saxon forefathers.


The Scoliosis Handbook of Safe and Effective Exercises Pre and Post Surgery
The Scoliosis Handbook of Safe and Effective Exercises Pre and Post Surgery by Caroline Freedman
2020 | ISBN: 1781611661 | English | 160 pages | EPUB | 3 MB
Scoliosis - having abnormal spinal curvature, that is a spine that twists and curves to one side - can affect a person at any age but tends to be diagnosed in rapidly growing teenagers. According to published sources, c.4 in every 1000 children in the UK and Ireland need treatment for scoliosis; many more (c.1 in 110) have the condition but don't need or seek treatment but can be helped by exercise. However, understanding of what exercise is safe and effective with a curved and/or operated-on spine is very limited. Specialist exercise trainer and expert scoliosis patient Caroline Freedman provides a practical, illustrated guide for those who are able to use exercise to alleviate their scoliosis curves and for those who need a more radical solution - surgery - and must modify how they exercise pre- and post-operatively. Patients, their families and movement professionals will find practical, safe, tailored guidance based on specific, long-term experience.


Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security
Joachim Krause, "Routledge Handbook of Naval Strategy and Security "
English | ISBN: 1138840939 | 2016 | 422 pages | PDF | 3 MB
This new handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the issues facing naval strategy and security in the twenty-first century.


Compact Handbook of Computational Biology
Compact Handbook of Computational Biology By Andrzej K. Konopka, M. James C. Crabbe
2004 | 570 Pages | ISBN: 0824709829 | PDF | 15 MB
This is a surprisingly complete practical text. It can be appreciated by computer literate novices as well as by practicing bioinformaticians. Each chapter can, in principle, be read separately from others but reading entire book from cover to cover could be a better strategy for the readers who would like to become professional computational biologists in the future. It would be good if future editions of this handbook contained a more elaborated description of contents and a more exhaustive index. This could facilitate navigating through this quite large text. That is to say the subject index in the current edition is all right but could be improved in the future. It would also be nice if the publisher could make this excellent book affordable for a larger audience by lowering the price.